Hanna lecture at Lumen Institute

In his critically acclaimed book, What Your Money Means, Frank Hanna explains why you, in particular, have money... and delineates the three vocations of those who have money and are trying to leave a financial legacy. Yet a person’s legacy goes beyond money.

In this talk before the Lumen Institute Frank Hanna argues that marriage and family are a leader’s most important legacies, and he does not merely explain why that is, but also shows how to shield yourself and your family from the dangers inherent in wealth. This talk is practically insightful and philosophically cutting edge. Hanna gave it on October 1, 2010, at the Lumen Institute's Legacy of Leadership: 2010 Fall Leadership Seminar & Luncheon held at the Union  League Club in Manhattan.

Hanna's talk is entitled "On the Right Use of Money." You can watch it HERE.