Holy Spirit College

Holy Spirit College is an independent, authentic Catholic college founded in 2005 as an undergraduate college offering courses in the Liberal Arts to students enrolled at Holy Spirit Prep. Graduates of those courses have gone on to study at many of the finest undergraduate institutions in the United States including Harvard, The University of Notre Dame, Emory University, Vanderbilt University and The Naval and Air Force Academies. Holy Spirit College is blessed with a beautiful and mature campus setting that is shared with both Holy Spirit Parish and Holy Spirit Prep. The college enjoys dedicated facilities within the parish complex including college lecture theaters, a satellite library, a break room and offices. About Holy Spirit College, Patrick Reilly, President of the respected Cardinal Newman Society and author of the Cardinal Newman Guide to Catholic Colleges, recently said, "I had the pleasure of visiting the campus this week and I am confident that Catholic families and students will find a place for the development of faith and reason in harmony with the grand intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church."

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