The Solidarity Association supports endeavors focused on Catholic evangelization through education, formation, beauty, and reinvigoration of the institutional Church

Backing organizations and religious orders that adhere to the faith and proclaim it to those to whom they minister. Restoring and re-imagining the means in which the Faith is culturally communicated.
Supporting a wide-range of Catholic educational institutions that provide exemplary academics alongside authentic formation in the Catholic faith.
Enabling organizations to form Catholic leaders and witness to the Gospel in a variety of arenas, including college campuses, the business world, online, and more.

Endeavors We Support

Over the years, some of us involved with Solidarity Association have given a helping hand to a wide range of philanthropic endeavors, concentrating on services to the poor, to children, to the Church, and to the promotion of research into ways to better provide services to disadvantaged communities.

Media & News

Hanna speaks about Catholic education

Last summer, Frank Hanna, who is the CEO of Hanna Capital, LLC, and has been…

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Ancient papyrus given to the Vatican

Benedict XVI received as a gift to the Holy See one of the most ancient manuscripts of the Gospels, an artifact that demonstrates Scripture's historical actuality.

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The Hanna Papyrus

When Catholics study history, there is a tendency to pass through the era of the Fathers with a polite passing nod. Ancient history is usually seen as inaccessible and only slightly more real than myth. However, that ancient history comes alive in the presence of the Hanna Papyrus, which is preserved within the Vatican Library. Obtained through efforts of Frank, Sally, and Elizabeth Hanna, along with the Solidarity Association, the Hanna Papyrus is the oldest written copy of the prologue of the Gospel of John and of the Lord’s Prayer.