Introducing Children to Reality

“The true Christian does not renounce the activities of this life, he does not stunt his natural faculties; but he develops and perfects them, by coordinating them with the supernatural. He thus ennobles what is merely natural in life and secures for it new strength in the material and temporal order, no less then in the spiritual and eternal.

This fact is proved by the whole history of Christianity and its institutions, which is nothing else but the history of true civilization and progress up to the present day. It stands out conspicuously in the lives of the numerous Saints, whom the Church, and she alone, produces, in whom is perfectly realized the purpose of Christian education, and who have in every way ennobled and benefited human society. Indeed, the Saints have ever been, are, and ever will be the greatest benefactors of society, and perfect models for every class and profession, for every state and condition of life, from the simple and uncultured peasant to the master of sciences and letters, from the humble artisan to the commander of armies, from the father of a family to the ruler of peoples and nations, from simple maidens and matrons of the domestic hearth to queens and empresses. What shall we say of the immense work which has been accomplished even for the temporal well-being of men by missionaries of the Gospel, who have brought and still bring to barbarous tribes the benefits of civilization together with the light of the Faith? What of the founders of so many social and charitable institutions, of the vast numbers of saintly educators, men and women, who have perpetuated and multiplied their life work, by leaving after them prolific institutions of Christian education, in aid of families and for the inestimable advantage of nations?

Such are the fruits of Christian education. Their price and value is derived from the supernatural virtue and life in Christ which Christian education forms and develops in man. Of this life and virtue Christ our Lord and Master is the source and dispenser. By His example He is at the same time the universal model accessible to all, especially to the young in the period of His hidden life, a life of labor and obedience, adorned with all virtues, personal, domestic and social, before God and men.”

–Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri

The Holy See's Teaching on Catholic Education

by  Archbishop J. Michael Miller, the Vatican's Secretary to the Congregation for Catholic Education.

Educational Endeavors We Support

Busch School of Business and Economics at Catholic University of America

Seeks to transform the world of business through the promotion of the human person as the center of the economy by teaching that business is a force of good

Catholic University of America

Located in Washington, D.C., it is the only pontifical university of the Catholic Church in the United States and the only institution of higher education founded by the U.S. Catholic bishops

Divine Mercy University

Catholic graduate school of psychology and counseling dedicated to the scientific study of psychology with a Catholic understanding of the person, marriage, and the family

Holy Spirit College

A Roman Catholic, coeducational college institutionally committed to providing an excellent education for all interested students

Holy Spirit Preparatory School

A K-12 school which creates a unique communion of joy among its students, their families, and the faculty and staff through the inculcation of three foundational virtues: Faith, Prudence, and Magnanimity

Pontifex University

A Roman Catholic University, that offers affordable and high-quality online and in-residence programs designed in accord with Catholic intellectual tradition

Pontifical North American College

Priestly formation for diocesan seminarians from the United States under the special patronage of the Holy See

Regina Caeli Academy Inc

Forms classically educated young men and women according to the unbroken tradition and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church in a hybrid educational environment

Seton Education Partners

Expanding opportunities for underserved children in America to receive an academically excellent and vibrantly Catholic education

St. John Bosco Academy

Extends the domestic church established within the home by blending the best of home school and the best of traditional school into one balanced system

The Cardinal Newman Society

Supports education that is faithful to the teaching and tradition of the Catholic Church while promoting and defending the production and dissemination of research and publications on Catholic education to keep Catholic leaders and families informed